Post data with Curl: [crayon-58db429217cd6335957288/]  
Recently i resolve the CSRF token issue in ajax request by the following code: place this code before closing head tag [crayon-58db42921bbc0113439780/] and now place the below code in js file or in script tag [crayon-58db42921bbcb066522499/] thanks
To use baseUrl in error page of codeigniter use the below code: [crayon-58db42921c17b385059385/]  
Steps to add custom block in magento cms pages: Add the block code in content section of page Then goto system->permissions->block In block permission section add the block name  
To disabled notification in magento adminpanel follow the steps: In magento adminpanel from top menu select: System -> Configuration then at the bottom left side from advanced tab select advanced option  then find Mage_AdminNotification and select disabled option from dropdown then click on save config.  
For More Information visit : Visit Github thanks  
I am going to describe how to resize image without any php library or any custom code, In this it is a just few second tricks which can save your hours for resizing image. Suppose this is your image link: then remove http:// from url then brfore this url add the following code …
I am going to describe how to get radio button value using jquery: below is html code: [crayon-58db42921c3ff773479162/] then get value of radio button using jquery: [crayon-58db42921c406117908695/]    
Font Awesome Cheatsheet
In this I am going to describe you that how to use font awesome in photoshop so that we can fast implement icons on our projects in form of font instead of image icon. It save our time, we don’t need to find icons from different places, all we get at one place. It helps …