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Steps to add custom block in magento cms pages: Add the block code in content section of page Then goto system->permissions->block In block permission section add the block name  
To disabled notification in magento adminpanel follow the steps: In magento adminpanel from top menu select: System -> Configuration then at the bottom left side from advanced tab select advanced option  then find Mage_AdminNotification and select disabled option from dropdown then click on save config.  
Resolve “Please make sure your password match issue” in Magento 1.9
Recently i found issue “Please make sure your password match issue”  while login with facebook in magento, so i resolve this by the code below: [crayon-58db42b2731d6358452625/] this is actually version compatible issue in magento, i found the error while debugging the extension because it was not redirecting to account page it is redirect to account create …
Step 1. Go to Admin Panel then > System > Configuration > customer configuration > Login Options > set No to “Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in” Step 2: Add the following code in your controller and set redirect as your need… [crayon-58db42b273905315774309/]
I faced the same problem. I found solution add the following code in checkout/onepage.phtml [crayon-58db42b273b1e883912624/]