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In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to show desktop notification in your browser and now a days it very powerful tool to promote any website and helps the website to get the visitor attention on any particular topic. Today i’ll just teach you how to show desktop notification only and in …
Best Fonts to give fabulous look to your projects
If you are fascinating to use latest and attractive fonts in your website, app and in many other to get the user attraction then you can pay a visit to In this website you may find some paid or free fonts that will give new look in your working project. I have seen that some …
I am going to describe how to get radio button value using jquery: below is html code: [crayon-58db4313101df027987243/] then get value of radio button using jquery: [crayon-58db4313101e5204035433/]    
Font Awesome Cheatsheet
In this I am going to describe you that how to use font awesome in photoshop so that we can fast implement icons on our projects in form of font instead of image icon. It save our time, we don’t need to find icons from different places, all we get at one place. It helps …
Change placeholder color
[crayon-58db4313103e6349091324/] It change all the text box placeholder color, but if you want to specify with particular text box placeholder color change then you may use class with these the following code : [crayon-58db4313103ec708403643/]  
facebook page like in popup with cookie and timer
Include this css file in before head tag [crayon-58db431310b2f755157098/] Include these js files before closing body tag [crayon-58db431310b35937020364/] Include Below code after all above js files [crayon-58db431310b38403371952/]  
It is very easy to unserialize json data in jquery but when get serialize php data without echoing json_encode from ajax request then it become complicated to unserilize that. So to unserialize using jquery use the following jquery code. [crayon-58db431310e88075740464/]  
To set font-awesome icon in circle with proper height and weight using css: Use Pure css, for border-radius and to set a fixed width and height to font-awesome. [crayon-58db4313111f3845832837/] to make the font-awesome colorize when hover,  for example the twitter icon: [crayon-58db4313111fa269676730/] Your HTML May be look like [crayon-58db4313111fd007691369/]  
To apply your sitename and remove the wordpress name from email follow the below code: I am using Contact Form 7 and after creating the form click on MAIL TAB In TO label textbox -> fill where to send form content In From label textbox -> enter name where you want to show in place of …